Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Grand Cayman

Today was our second port day and the last one for this cruise. We have two sea days after this one, and then Castaway Cay day. And nope, I didn’t get off the ship today either. At this port, we would have to get off on a tender, which would be fun (Marilyn and I tendered once, and it was quite the experience), but I opted to hang around and experience the quiet.

Tonight our foursome dined at Palo. Our server was Amanda, whom I first met on our Bridesmaids Cruise and then had again on our Maribeth/Everley cruise. She was happy to see us and did a magnificent job of keeping us happy and fed.

Molly and I also started our “Star Wars” watching. I brought the entire set to watch. Why? Because We. Have. The. Time. To. Do. It. The only question was in which order to watch it – the three older ones first or straight through the set? Decisions, decisions.

Must dash, as I am sure there is something important I possibly need to do. Perhaps I should take a nap and sleep on it …

Grand Cayman - at least my view of it!!
Thankful today for: beautiful, quiet day; movie watching day

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