Tuesday, December 22, 2015

We Have To Break Up

Dear Amazon,

I fear that it is time to break up - or at least spend some time apart. Yes, you have been my go-to during these last few weeks before Doikmas. Yes, you have been faithful in your promise to deliver my things in a timely manner just in time for me to hastily wrap them and put them under the tree for Doikmas delight. Yes, your prices have been fair and shipping and handling charges nonexistent. But we just can't go on like this - at least if our relationship is to continue.

See, there's another entity involved, and it's name is Disney Visa. You know Disney Visa - you have its number stored within you. And Disney Visa has been very good to me also. DV has not refused any of the multitude of requests I have made to reimburse you for your products. DV has not clamped down and said, "No, Luanne, you don't need that item." Instead, DV has obliged every solicitation made on our (that would be my and your) behalf.

Yet, DV is a bit weary now. It needs time to relax and replenish itself by going to the Regions Hospital of Financial Health. And you know what happens once RHFH is involved - there is always a debt to pay there!

So I must get off this treadmill of want and desire (and purchase and deliver) to enjoy the remainder of the holidays, as I'm sure you should, too. Besides, it appears I still have eight packages still to be delivered, so it's not like I'm going to forget you.

So thanks Amazon, for a cheery holiday season. See you next year (but only if I can hold out that long)!!
Thankful today for: Lindley spending the day with me and doing some shopping; onion rings from Sonic; 

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