Thursday, December 31, 2015

Moving Day! Again! On New Year's Eve!

Once again, Davidson Moving Company has been called into action. This time, it’s Lynnette and she’s moving offices. Steve is out of town, so his huge tank of a car was available. And so the move began.

Lynnette’s present office is in a renovated old house. Her office is on the top floor. While she only needed to move two arm chairs and a desk, the only way down was a Thumbelina-sized staircase. Which meant it was about three inches wide down the first set of steps before it made a u-turn to go down the second set of steps which were four inches wide. And did I mention that I don’t go down stairs unless I am holding onto the railing? Which may make it difficult if one is trying to maneuver a miniscule staircase while trying to balance a chair.

At any rate, we managed to get both chairs and the desk down the staircase and out on the porch, where we blocked one lane of traffic while loading it into the tank (sure, we could have taken it out the back door, but that would have involved taking the furniture down the emergency fire escape stairs – which probably would have resulted in a LaLa emergency).

We took the furniture to Lynnette’s house where we switched chairs and then left it all in the tank until Lynnette gets the keys to her new office. Did I mention the new office has an elevator?? Win!!
Thankful today for: fun times moving furniture and maneuvering down the stairs; quiet New Year's Eve at home and sleeping through the fireworks

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