Sunday, December 27, 2015

Movie Review Time!!

During the holidays I have managed to see a few movies – I know, I’m shocked, too. So, before I forget what the movies were all about, I thought I would review them for you. Just in case you might want to see them, too. Or at least to see them in order to understand what the heck my movie review is about …

“Joy” – This is the “story” about Joy Magnano, who created the “Miracle Mop” (google if needed). Apparently it was “based loosely” on her life. Which is a good thing, because her family be cray-cray. But she must also be a little cray-cray, because she keeps them around. But to put it in simple words, Joy was smart and creative when she was a little girl. Then she grew up and got married, had kids, got divorced (her ex lives in her basement) and Joy has a mediocre job and is unhappy. Her dad moves back in (and into the basement with her ex-husband), her mom is a recluse in the bedroom but falls for the plumber who comes to unclog the plumbing, and Joy’s granny who truly believes in the best of Joy also is around. Eventually Joy creates the miracle mop because she cuts her hands up while on the boat with her dad’s new girlfriend. Joy decides to sell her mop on HSN, with a few minor mishaps, and then due to her half-sister, she has to go to California to fix stuff. Eventually she becomes a mega-millionaire, all the while housing her cray-cray family. I just wish it had all been factual – now I don’t know what was real and what wasn’t. Oh, and I may have ordered a Miracle Mop … 

“Concussion” – This is the story of Dr. I-Forgot-His-Name who figured out that pro football players can get severe brain damage due to repeated hits during games/practices. Maybe if they had named the movie after Dr. ?? I would have remembered his name. Anyhow, it’s a really good movie. It has good parts, like how Dr. met his wife and how he figured out about the brain damage, and when he was recognized for his work. But there’s also a lot of sad parts, like the brain damage that the players had, and how the NFL refused to pay attention, and the crap that Dr. took in return for all his work. I liked the movie, and would have a real problem if I had a young son who wanted to play football. Sure, brain damage can happen in many ways, but it was just really sad to see how these players and their families were affected.

“The Big Short” – Accounting and finance were never my strong suit in college (I have an undergraduate degree in business). Watching this movie made me feel like I was in class. There was a lot of technical finance stuff and explanations and stuff going on. There were crazy characters and situations (financially speaking) and some young guys. There were some funny moments and there were celebrities explaining stuff (didn’t help me much). Basically I got the fact that banks were greedy and caused the collapse of financial stuff. I was afraid there would be a quiz at the end of the movie – which I probably would have failed. Anyhow, Sam and Steve liked it – whatevs. We’ll see how they like the next Melissa McCarthy movie.

“Spectre” – James Bond, 007. Daniel Craig. Does there need to be a plot? Good, because this one was a little bit out there. Basically, there’s a group of bad people wanting to do bad things. James Bond has a step brother or half brother or something who’s bad. There’s stuff blowing up and people getting shot.The 007 HQ gets taken over and Bond has to go rescue a lady. In the end, all is saved. And the bad people die. Or go to jail. Or get blown up. Supposedly this is Daniel Craig’s last foray as 007. Now I just have to wonder who’s going to take his place.

And so there you have it – my movie reviews. At least until I see the next ones …
Thankful today for: movies and seeing movies with family; Molly drama but not drama about her whereabouts (she was in movie next door, not in cemetery as her phone seemed to indicate)

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