Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Closet Fun

Tonight bad weather was supposed to hit Nashville. By bad weather, I mean strong winds and rains and thunderstorms. The local weathercasters on the news get all excited when bad weather approaches, I think because they missed predicting a huge tornado many years ago. Anyhow, they are ready for this one, predicting exactly when (and showing it on their maps) the possible winds and/or tornadoes will be hitting this area.

Everley happened to be at my house during this time. Maribeth called and said she would come over to pick her up in about 15 minutes, but that would be the exact point (according the the weatherman/lady and his/her charts and predictors) that the bad weather would be on top of my house (Maribeth lives about five minutes away). I told her to stay put until the weather passed over.

Normally I just wait the weather out. When I was growing up out in the country, we would go out on the porch and watch the thunderstorms, so bad weather doesn't ordinarily bother me. But with Everley here, I thought maybe I should do something. Especially since the weather people on tv were getting their heart rates up with the encroaching weather.

I suggested to Everley that perhaps we should get in the closet. By now the tornado sirens were going on and off, even though there was no wind or rain. I also wanted to be able to see the tv, in case they showed a photo of my house and there was a tornado behind it. So, Everley and I set up shop in the closet. She got snacks and pillows and DVDs (kids and adults in case I wanted to watch something) and the portable DVD player. The bad weather never did really materialize to anything in our area. But Everley and I sure had fun waiting for it!!

Choosing DVDs. And sporting a hat. In case the wind mussed our hair??

DVD player, snacks, rugs, pillows, and a blanket. Bring it on, weather!!
Thankful today for: no bad weather; Everley time; Steve and Gdiz's safe road trip back to Columbus

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