Monday, December 7, 2015

Hello Nashville!

Early this morning Molly and I headed for the airport for our 7am flight home. We were a little wary of our bag weight (that would be our luggage) because we had done a bit of shopping. But both came in underweight (I should be so lucky) and we were ready to go. Our flight wasn't full, so I had a row to myself (no, Molly and I don't always sit together - we both like window seats and she likes to sit up front, while I prefer more middle). It was a quick, smooth flight and soon we were back home.

Of course being back home means catching up - on everything. We had mailed a box home before we left on the cruise (thank you to Black Friday shopping), so there was that to unload, as well as my vacay suitcase (full) and various other boxes that were delivered in my absence and may contain certain Christmas gifts for certain people. In other words, I walked in to a big mess.

As per usual for my family, Steve left last night for Orlando (wait, wasn't I just there?), so he left the car at the airport. Don't even try to ask questions/understand how/why we can have vacations in the same place one week after the other. I could have possible stayed another week, but since I had already been gone 10 days, I sort of felt the need to return home. Because of the unpacking and paying bills (or at least recording them) and figuring out which presents got delivered and which I still need to purchase.  Whatever - I am home from Orlando and Steve is in Orlando. Go figure.

Oh, and tonight is Lynnette's birthday party at the Doik. Never mind that her birthday was December 1. I wasn't in town and could not be the birthday hostess. Which consists of asking the birthday girl what she wants for her dinner (Calypso Cafe) and making sure gifts are available.

So today I flew home, unpacked the car, unpacked the suitcase, unpacked the boxes, took the book back to the library, picked up a cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory, got everyone's order for dinner, and did some more stuff before everyone showed up for dinner.

In other words, just another normal Monday!
Thankful today for: safe, smooth ride home; car waiting at the airport; getting lots of tasks accomplished; Lynnette's birthday party

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