Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another Sea Day!

Today we are back on the seas. The usual food and naps continue, and today we branched out a bit. We saw “The Good Dinosaur” in the theater with about 3000 children. While it isn’t my favorite Pixar movie, it was sweet and enjoyable.

Katie, Jessica, Molly, and I played movie quotes trivia and our team won! We ended up naming 17 out of 25 correctly, even guessing on several of them. After trivia, the girls went to decorate a gingerbread house while I went to play bingo, which unfortunately was not quite as winning. But it was fun.

Molly and I continued on our “Star Wars” marathon. While we started and got through half of Episode 3 (the first of the older three), we decided instead to start with Episode 1. We have managed to get through the first four episodes. Maybe we’ll finish before the new movie starts in a few weeks.

Molly and I ended the day by watching the latest Avengers movie in the theater at 10:30pm. Of course, it’s easy to have a late night when you get to sleep in the next day – it’s another sea day tomorrow!!
Thankful today for: trivia with the girls; the girls' finished gingerbread house; Bingo fun but not winning; "The Good Dinosaur" with the girls

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