Thursday, December 10, 2015

So You've Done Disney and Dollywood, Now What???

Go crazy?  Because Doikmas (Davidson Christmas) is coming soon and you have no idea what you've bought/wrapped/planned for your gifts for everyone? Sounds good to me!!

Sure, we have tentative plans for Doikmas this year.  The gift theme is "My Favorite Things" which was inspired by my friend Laura. Every Christmas she does this thing at some group (I don't remember all the details - just the important part) where she passes out her favorite stuff for the year to people (I don't remember who they are - old people at the nursing home, her society girlfriends, her book club, her knitting society - whoever). It sounded like a great idea, and when I proposed it to the family, everyone was onboard (at least the ones I proposed it to who were there at the proposal time).

The idea is that you think of your personal favorite things that someone else may also like and then give it to him/her. And the best part? It doesn't matter if that person likes it or not - YOU do, so if they don't like/want it, they can give it back to you and everybody's happy!!

Now for the meal part - this year's theme is red, white, and green food. Amazing, right? Of course, that might be a little scary if you're talking about green meat, but we'll work around that. There are plenty of green and red fruits and veggies, and even a few white ones. If nothing else, the table should look quite festive!

Now, back to finding those favorite things ...
Thankful today for: quiet day making plans, google-ing red, white, and green foods, and shopping Amazon

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