Saturday, December 12, 2015

Just Another Saturday ...

Molly and I were supposed to be in Atlanta this weekend, accomplishing the Jeff Galloway half-marathon and Barb's 5K. Unfortunately due to too much travel and too much to do, we opted to switch to the virtual races, which meant that we could send in times for the distances and still maintain our legacy status.

Since Molly is planning to do Dopey in January (for you novices, that means she will do a 5K on a Thursday, followed by a 10K the next day, a half-marathon the following day, and finish it up with a full marathon on Sunday), she needed to get in some miles (like around 10 or so). I volunteered to do a few with her (a lot fewer than 10) and arranged to meet up with her along her route and bring her some water and something to eat (and keep her going for a few more miles).

However, as I was headed to meet her, I got a text from Mathieu. Apparently Everley was tossing cookies (vomiting, throwing up, up-chucking, calling Dr. York - whatever you may term it), and he asked if I had any crackers to share. Since Maribeth was at work, I'm guessing the thought of taking a puking child to the grocery store was not on his list of things to do on a Saturday.

I found Molly and passed off her necessities and then headed for the grocery store (rats, no miles for me - insert happy face emoji here). I got crackers and Pedialyte and Gatorade and headed to Mathieu's, where he was brushing Everley's hair (after having given her a bath to clean up the latest vomiting episode). She seemed fine - no fever and didn't appear to feel unwell. I offered to stick around and watch television with Everley to give Mathieu some time to clean up himself (as would anyone who was taking care of a emesis-producing child). He was partial to the idea, and took some time to clean up various areas, as well as take a shower. Meanwhile, Everley and I watched a movie while she nibbled on crackers and took microscopic sips of Pedialyte.

Once Mathieu felt human again, I left them both (which would include a few more episodes of "coughing" as Everley called it) and headed back home to do other stuff. Which didn't include walking any miles not throwing up any food.

Just another Saturday in Nashville!!
Thankful today for: supplying Molly with supplies as she got in her miles; sitting with Everley while Mathieu cleaned up; Everley and Lindley time

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