Thursday, December 3, 2015

What's That I See - The Sea!!

Palo Table 1 - of several ...
Yup, another sea day. But today was a good food day - it's Palo Brunch Day!!  Again, after some rainforest room time, Molly and I met up with Katie and Jessica for brunch. Unfortunately Katie and Jessica were ready much earlier, as they had the time wrong, and showed up an hour too early!!  All worked out well, as they were super hungry by the time we were ready to chow down. Amanda was our server again, and we put her to work, bringing us all kinds of good things to eat.

As is the case with any Palo brunch, a nap is in order afterward. Molly and Jessica attended the Remy dessert brunch a few hours later and left feeling quite content (another word for full to busting at the seams). I think the rest of the day was spent digesting our food in a reclining position

And in Star Wars news, our saga continues, looking hopeful that we shall be all caught up by cruise's end.  Because it's important to achieve a goal on a cruise!!
Thankful today for: brunch with the girls (including Amanda); Molly's and Katie's review of Remy; lazy day on the sea!

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