Sunday, December 6, 2015

Run A Little, Swim A Little, Shop A Little, Nap A Little

So awhile ago when planning this Disney World trip, I looked to see if there might be a 5K nearby. And lo and behold there was! So I registered everyone and this morning we headed out to do a slow three miles. The good news? It wasn't a Disney race, so we didn't have to get up at the butt crack of dawn! The race was through the former Disney, still Disney-esque town of Celebration, and it was a lovely wog through the town.

Once we were done with that, we headed to KeKe's for some brunch. Because we had expended all those calories. While there, we discussed our plans for the rest of the day. Marilyn decided she would head for the water parks. Molly decided she would stay in the room and get some stuff done. I decided to head for the parks for some last-minute shopping. Eventually we all met up at Hollywood Studios for dinner and to see The Osbourne Lights, since this is the final year they will be on display.  And they certainly did not disappoint us!

Once we had had our fill of the beautiful lights, we headed back to our hotel for one last night. Tomorrow we head home - now where do I live???
Thankful today for: beautiful wog through Celebration and fun race; shopping at the MK; dinner at Brown Derby and Osbourne Lights with Marilyn and Molly

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