Friday, December 4, 2015

Castaway Cay!!

Castaway Cay - always a happy/sad place to be. Happy because, well - it's Castaway Cay!!  Sad, because usually it means that it's the last day of the cruise.  Oh well, we're here!!

Katie, Molly, and I decided to start the day with the Castaway Cay 5K. Mainly because we be cray-cray. Jessica, clearly the smartest one of us, walked off the ship with us and headed to Serenity Bay (the adult beach) where she scored premium seating with the hammock (premium meaning next to the bar for some of our group). Anyhow, the three of us "runners" managed to amble (thanks to me) through the 5K and finish. There was a guy doing the 5K who had had 11 bypasses and two knee replacements, and was doing the race with a walker, so I decided I needed to shut up and finish the thing.

Pretty much sums up today ...
Once done, we headed to the beach and met up with Jessica. I got in the water, which was delightful, and eavesdropped on the nearby cruisers. At least until one dude said, "Wow, that was a pretty big one!" Apparently he saw a shark. I didn't. But I did decide that perhaps I had had enough water for now and headed back to the group, who were enjoying their refreshments from the bar.

Soon enough it was time for lunch. The weather was getting overcast and windy, so we decided that this would be our last beach activity for the day. We ate and then headed for the ship. Katie and Jessica opted for a walk back to do some shopping, while Molly and I opted for the shuttle. I guess we won, if you count not getting caught in the rain winning. Once back on the ship, I washed clothes and we finished up the Star Wars marathon. The worst part?  They changed the last scene where Luke gazes upon his daddy and Obi and Yoda!  Okay, so maybe they changed it years ago, but it still blew me out of the bed!! Whatever. At least I'm ready for the new Star Wars movie. Which I probably won't see until next year ...

Eventually we had packed all our bags and put them in the hall and got everything ready for our debarkation tomorrow. We were watching something in bed around 10:30pm when the intercom came on. For those of you non-cruisers, the in-room never comes on after the first day, because they don't want to disturb anybody. The only time it comes on is when there's a "Bright Star" announcement, which means there's a medical emergency somewhere. So, Molly and I were expecting to hear the Bright Star announcement. Instead, Commodore Tom comes on and says the seas are going to be a bit rougher than expected, and they've closed the outside decks. So what do Molly and I do? Rush out onto our balcony to see what's going on!!  It really wasn't so bad, although the bridge report said the winds were coming at us at 50mph. And there may have been some pretty intense rocking and rolling (which puts me right to sleep, although Molly said she almost fell out of bed). At any rate, all was good as we sailed back to Port Canaveral!!
Thankful today for: finishing the 5K; seeing the walker dude as he did the race; Jessica scoring us primo seats; lunch at the beach; watching the rain on Castaway Cay; chatting with people in the laundry; finishing the Star Wars movies; rocking on the seas!

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Girl with a Goal said...

Is that a new drink I should try??? Btw, tried konk kooler last time and loved it.