Monday, December 14, 2015

Recycle, Reuse, Whatever ...

Back in the day, when one vacationed at Disney World, one got into her room using a plastic credit-card type key. And after the vacation, one would bring those cards home and toss them into a pile. Perhaps one thought she would use them one day (although she was nixed on "wallpapering" a wall with them).

Fast forward several years, and technology advanced. Disney World started the "magic band" thingy where not only did you use these bracelets to get into your room, but you also used them to get into the parks and pay for all the stuff that you didn't realize you absolutely needed to purchase until you got to Disney World. And perhaps one decided that she would also collect these bands because they were cute and colorful.

Until perhaps one day one realized that she had quite the collection of magic bands. And even though she laced them like a construction paper chain, she still had no use for them. Until one day she say on the internet/facebook/whatever ...

So now perhaps one has a wreath of magic bands. Of course one has no idea of what to do with said wreath ... And is it a bad thing if there are still magic bands left over?
Thankful today for: good checkup with the eye doc; lazy Monday

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