Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hello Dolly!!

So I've been home for a day, so what should I do now?  I know - go to Dollywood (or at least close to it)!  Let me explain ...

Maribeth, Mathieu, and Everley had planned a trip to Dollywood to see the lights. The plan was that they would leave today and return on Friday. However, Mathieu had a doctor's appointment that he had to reschedule and tomorrow was the only day he could get in. Which meant either (a) messing up the vacation, or (b) having two cars in Gatlinburg. So, I decided to drive over today and spend the night with Maribeth and Everley, and then tomorrow while Mathieu heads to Dollywood, I would head back to Nashville.  Fun for everyone!!

The ride over went fine - at least for me. Maribeth and Everley are used to riding in their nice minivan with the DVD player, but we made do in my roller skate and a portable DVD player. The weather and traffic were fine, and we only had to make one bathroom break. At which point I realized that in the process of yesterday's unpacking, I had neglected to return my driver's license to its proper location in my wallet (it was in the side pocket of another bag). I texted Molly to go to my house, find the driver's license and take a photo of it, and text it to me, which she did. After Google maps directed us on some back road, we were soon where we needed to be - Sevierville.

Maribeth has been wanting forever to eat at Paula Deen's place, but every time we go, there's always been a long line. Tonight we decided to stop before going to the hotel - around 7:30pm, and there was no line. In fact, we even got a parking place close to the entrance (thank you, God). We went in, were seated right away, and started eating. Maybe because I was tired, maybe because it was late, but I was not super impressed. We'll try another day, Paula!

First there's the menu ...
Then the bread ...
Then whatever else you ordered.
By the time dessert arrived at the table, nobody wanted any. We took a bite, paid our bill, and headed downstairs - where Paula has everything and anything you could ever want that says "Paula" on it or about it. Everley decided she needed a stamp set, so as I paid with my credit card, the clerk asked if I had my driver's license. To which I replied, "Well, I do and I don't," and proceeded to show her the photo that Molly had sent. The clerk then said, "Will they (meaning the po-po, I guess) take that?" To which I replied, "I don't know - I hope I don't find out!"  And the good news is that I didn't!!
Thankful today for: safe road trip to Dollywood; Molly finding and photographing and sending me my driver's license; dinner at Paula's; big nice room at Dream More

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