Wednesday, December 16, 2015

All Things Come ...

Several years ago, the door on a kitchen corner cabinet came off because the hinge broke. As is the routine for anything I purchase, the cabinets are no longer made, and this particular hinge was manufactured in a remote cave by an alien who has since return to his planet. In other words, there has been no hinge to be found that will once again attach said door to said corner cabinet. And my favorite go-to-dude Bill has certainly tried to locate an acceptable hinge to fix said cabinet.

So I guess this is a lesson in waiting. Because today Bill came by with acceptable hinges and repaired the cabinet door!!  Granted, he had to make modifications. Which required getting some wood blocks. And I had to measure the door in order for him to obtain/make/whittle the aforementioned wood blocks. And the door had about five inches of dust on it from being stored in the laundry room next to the dryer (and nope, I haven't wiped it off yet).

But the happy news is that now I have a door to the corner cabinet. Now what's my excuse for not using the kitchen?
Thankful today for: Bill fixing the cabinet door; Bill's homemade peppermint chocolate bark

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