Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bobblehead Bookends

One thing that I gave Molly for Christmas was her own personal bobblehead. However, when I received it, the body was no longer attached to the base. I contacted the company and inquired as to what adhesive I could use to attach the body and base. Instead of giving me the name of an adhesive, the representative instead said they would send me another bobblehead. They did not request for me to return the first bobblehead.

Not knowing if the new bobblehead would arrive before Christmas, I decided to attach the first body and base together using some super-glue. It worked, and Molly got her bobblehead for Christmas. And then today the new bobblehead arrived. Now Molly has two. What one does with two identical bobbleheads, I don’t know. Bobble, I guess …
Thankful today for: great customer service with bobblehead company; quiet day getting organized

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