Saturday, December 5, 2015

Let's Go To Disney World!!

After getting off the ship, our group of four got on the shuttle to the rental car place. Unfortunately the toll pass that we left in our former rental car a week ago had not been turned in. Nevertheless, we pooled our quarters for the toll booths and headed to the airport, where we dropped off Jessica and Katie. Molly and I then went to check in at the Swan and dumped our bags, and then returned to the airport to pick up my sister Marilyn, who was coming in for the weekend (because that's what we do).

Once we had returned to the airport and deposited Marilyn's stuff in the room, we headed to Epcot (which is quite handy if you're staying at the Swan). We had lunch reservations at France for a bit later, but when we stopped at the France podium, they took us in right away.

I had made reservations for the Candlelight Processional package. That meant that we got an appetizer, main course, and dessert. And so we did - and it was DELICIOUS!!  Which is high praise, considering that I had just gotten off a cruise ship. But everything I ordered (and what I sampled from Marilyn and Molly's plates) was absolutely wonderful. After eating we walked through Epcot and shopped a bit before the 5pm performance of CP. The deal with the package is that you got preferred seating. And apparently everyone lines up an hour before, even with preferred seating. So of course, we did too.

I had never really sat through this performance. I had been walking through many times while it was going on, but never really sat through one. Tonight's guest narrator was Whoopi Goldberg, and I will say that the whole thing was amazing. Truly the way to start the Christmas season!  The songs and singers and orchestra and music were beautiful, and it was wonderful.

After the show was over, we walked back to the hotel - being still full from lunch, tired, and full of the Christmas spirit, it was time to go to bed. Although we did manage a trip to Disney Springs to pick up our race stuff.  Did I mention we have a 5K in the morning?
Thankful today for: seeing Amanda one last time at Cabanas; chatting with the rental car lady about her daughter; airport runs for Katie, Jessica, and Marilyn; room ready upon arrival at the Swan; lunch in France; Candlelight Processional with Whoopi and meeting some of the singers after

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