Sunday, November 8, 2015

Headed Back Home

Since Dollywood didn't open until 2pm today, and since some people had school and work responsibilities tomorrow, we got up and after one last swim in the pool, loaded the car and headed home. We stopped for lunch before leaving Pigeon Forge, stopped at Walgreens for more DVDs for the ride home (remember that we didn't pack a sufficient amount on Friday), and then drove the back roads to eventually end up on I40-W (this to avoid the huge traffic jam in PF - and thanks to Molly and Waze). We stopped once for a potty break and gas (and perhaps a meltdown based on not purchasing chips from the store) and rolled on into Nashville (perhaps with a nap by a couple of the van's inhabitants). After depositing everyone at their respective domiciles and/or personal automobiles, I went home to unpack, wash clothes, and catch up on the few days I was gone.

Steve is in South Carolina and will head to California tomorrow. Sam is in Nashville and will head to California on Wednesday to meet up with Steve. Molly and I will leave on Thursday to head to California (although not to meet up with Sam and Steve). Lynnette will head to California on Saturday (although not to meet up with any of us). Sam, Molly, and I will return on Sunday, but not on the same flights - well, Molly and I will. Steve will stay in California for a few days, as will Lynnette. In other words, typical Davidson travel.

Eventually everyone will return home. At least for awhile. Because that's what Davidsons do.
Thankful today for: OG lunch with the girls (well, most of them); Molly's Waze way home; safe travel to Nashville; fun at the gas pumps with Everley; sleeping in my own bed

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