Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Waspy Time!

Last week I discussed my disdain for the stink bugs that were invading my space. And I mentioned the wasps that were bound to come. And today I saw my first one. Or should I say Minnie Cat saw it and alerted me to its existence.  Here's how it goes ...

In the South, we know all about wasps. We know they're pesky little critters who cause a big ruckus because they sort scare us. We know they probably aren't going to sting us like their yellow jacket and bee counterparts, but we're still a little wary because we don't know for sure they won't sting us. And we usually encounter wasps in the summer, when we're all hot and bothered and they're all hot and bothered, and we don't know for sure who is hot and bothered the most.

And then there's fall/winter in Nashville. This started a few years ago, and I've had several pest control people out to discuss this issue. They were of no help, except to say that it's no big deal. Here's how it happens ...

A wasp shows up at my windows, usually the living room and/or den. The wasp (singular) is not hot and bothered. In fact, it looks slow and sluggish, almost drunk. I never know where it comes from, because it is inside my house, and the doors and windows are all closed. Various pest control personnel have assured me they come from some leak in my house - but nobody can find it. Anyhow, the drunk wasp moves about, weaving around, staring at the outside through the window. Eventually it passes on to the great wasp hive in the sky - either through drawing its last drunken breath or at the paws of Maggie Cat. Each week a few wasps will appear and repeat this pattern until eventually no more wasps show up - either the word got around that it was time to hibernate or they found some other place to spend their last days.

Apparently today is the first day of wasp season. Maggie Cat watched the first wasp of 2015 for awhile until she got bored and moved on. I'm not sure where the wasp went - at last sighting it was headed for the fireplace. Oh well, I'm sure there will be another tomorrow!!
Thankful today for: ankle improvement; helping Maribeth install new microwave; finishing the laundry; quiet day at home

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