Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A New Door!!

Fresh off the heels of yesterday’s successful little library project, I was all pumped up about home projects. Thankfully I had already contracted professionals about today’s project – replacing the upstairs door. Let me explain …

Many moons ago when we purchased our house (and one of the main selling points) was that there were stairs leading to the attic. And by stairs, I mean a legit set, right by the front door that looked like it would lead to an upstairs. In this case, the upstairs was an unfinished attic that you could stand up in, but was unfinished nevertheless. Since we had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, we didn’t need the space, but liked the idea that there was space if (a) we ever needed it, and (b) we could ever afford to do anything with it. Unlike those House Hunter shows, when we buy a house, we barely have enough money leftover to purchase a can of paint, much less redo anything.

Anyhow, back to the door. The original door was great and served its purpose. While the upstairs was unfinished, the kids would go up there from time to time and play (it had electricity, just no heat or ac). The only problem with the door was that it opened onto the stairs instead of into the upstairs, mainly because the pitch of the roof was just as you walked into the room, and couldn’t accommodate a door opening into the room.

Fast forward several years (and an additional income), and we scraped together enough money to turn the upstairs into actual living space. We hired Sketchy Brothers Construction Company (advertised as “We Be Cheap”) and proceeded to allow them to makeover the upstairs (and subsequently disappear to some other city). We could only afford for them to put in walls and an HVAC, so any change to the roof line was not affordable. We kept the door for awhile, mainly because that was the only door upstairs. Eventually we took the door off (because opening the door required one to step down a few steps, open the door, and proceed up the stairs without falling down the stairs) and eventually replaced that door with a bi-fold, which meant you could open the door easily without falling backwards down the stairs.

All was good, until the recent remodel where we were able to pop out the room and really snazz up the upstairs (which was done after all the kids had flown the next, which they still question our timing). We kept the bifold door, because it seemed to work. At least until Minnie and Maggie cats figured out they could open the bifold door with just a little bit of concerted effort. Even this would not be a problem, except for the fact that one or both of them enjoyed going upstairs and finding a certain corner in which to poop (yes, they have a litter box, but they are cats – need I say more?).

I tried to remedy this situation with Velcro, failed door latches, stern lectures, and more Velcro, to no avail. Finally I called the professionals who had several suggestions, most of which I have already tried. We mutually agreed that a new door would be in order, one that actually closes with a doorknob, a skill that my cats have not yet mastered (yet that I am sure are contemplating). The good news is that now, with the popped-out roof, the door can open to the inside. Why I didn’t think of this when we were doing the remodel, I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t think as well as other times …

Anyhow, the professionals came with the door (that had to be trimmed to fit the short door) and within a few hours had it installed and ready to go. And I could be a little paranoid, but I think I saw the cats watching every their every step …

Thankful today for: nice door installer dudes; Sarah and Melvin saving me a seat at Lindley's Thanksgiving program; Lindley performing in her program; seeing Lindley's classroom and meeting her teacher

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