Friday, November 20, 2015

Flower Girls

Part of yesterday's cleanup yielded the flower girl dress that Maribeth had worn in her cousin Tricia's wedding. The wedding was 27 years ago when Maribeth was 3 or 4. I kept the dress because it was so cute (and for some reason have kept it hanging in my closet all these years). I also kept the pink basket and flower headband for a long time, but time was not kind to either of them (apparently time eats away at certain materials). Did I ever think Maribeth would have a daughter that would want to wear it? I'm not sure Maribeth ever wore it again after the wedding, so I certainly expected the apple (if there were any) not to fall far from the tree. Fast forward 27 years ...

Maribeth came over as I was finishing up my "clean up and out" project. I showed her the dress in order to see if she wanted it (and therefore it could be stored elsewhere). Everley happened to be in the room at that moment, and saw the dress. Of course, she wanted to try it on and wear it - as she did for the rest of the day (only taking it off after she dripped popsicle on the dress, which came out in the wash). She also decided she wanted the daisy flower headband (from the Bridesmaids Cruise this summer) on her head, and happily spent the rest of the day being a flower girl.

So I guess it was good that I kept this little dress. Because today, it has brought me joy - a whole lot of joy!!

Thankful today for: little girls and flower girl dresses and daisy headbands; Everley time and sleepover

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pam said...

This brought joy to me, too!