Monday, November 9, 2015

Just Another Day At The Office

Okay, so I don't technically have an office. But if I had one, this would be a good one. Today was my regular blood donor day.

My last donation was on September 11. A few weeks later, I got an email from the Red Cross that said in part:
Thank you for giving blood with the American Red Cross on 9/11/2015. After first ensuring that local needs were met, your blood donation was sent to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem, NC to help a patient in need. Your donation is on its way to change lives!
I don't know who my blood went to, or how it was used. But it's cool to think that I actually did something that might have helped someone else. It makes my day seem like I really did something.

Especially since I don't really have an office ...
Thankful today for: Red cross blood center and pre-registration; chatting with handyman about changing door

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