Thursday, November 12, 2015

Expo Day!

So today was the day that we were supposed to report for our "secret mission." Which basically meant that we were getting early access for race shopping and packet pickup. The only downside? We had to be at the expo at 6:30am! Which really wasn't a big deal, since the expo was within walking distance of our hotel, and by our Nashville body clocks, it was really 8:30am.

Anyhow, we made it to the meeting spot and got our neck tags that signified that we were "special" people. Our group went into the race souvenir shopping spot and started shopping. Of course, Molly and I had no intention of really buying anything - except then we found a lot of really cool things, so of course we did. We justified it (as if we needed to) by saying that we wanted to make sure it was worth coming a day early!! We also had our photo made with a few of our Avenger friends!

After we were through shopping, we had a few hours to kill before we were scheduled to go to the next thing - picking up our race packets. We managed to spend that time having some breakfast and then shopping at the World of Disney store (in case there was some stuff to get there - and there was). Soon it was time to meet with our peeps at packet pickup. Basically, we were all directed to one of the meeting rooms, where we were treated to our race packets/shirts already there - we just had to present our waivers and pick up our stuff. We were also given a free RunDisney small rolling suitcase, and treated to coffee, juice, and various pastries. Of course by this time, we were so happy we came a day early!!

 By the time we had finished all of the above, it was time to return to the room and dump all of our new stuff. We had tickets to the parks, so we went there for a few hours before returning to the room for a nap. We returned to California Adventure later in the evening for some Boudin bread bowl soups and to watch "The World of Color." By that time, it was time to turn in for the night. Tomorrow is the 5K!

Thankful today for: secret mission fun and perks; shopping with Molly; bread bowl soups and watching World of Color

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