Sunday, November 15, 2015

Well, That Was Fun ...

Today started with a repeat of the previous two mornings - get up, get dressed, head to the start line. And soon we were off, this time for 13.1 miles. The race started off running around the two parks, then out on the streets of Anaheim, out to Angels Stadium, and then back to Disneyland for the finish.

All was going well, at least for me, until the middle of the race, Mile 6.5. Part of the course is on a dirt path. I was doing fine until my crazy right foot/ankle hit something and my ankle decided to roll/twist/turn. And it was a good one! It was so good that it involved my hobbling to the other side of the path (the side I was on was next to a fence) and sitting down. The racers that are in my part of the race are all good eggs - we all have the same goal of finishing. So, as I sat on the ground, they were all asking if I was okay (and a few even stopped). I assured them that I was (one even told me how to get to medical). At that point I had a decision to make - to either stop and find medical and quit the race, or keep going. Decisions, decisions ...

But, because rolling my ankles is a fairly regular occurrence (I wear ankle braces religiously during a race, but they are not foolproof), I knew I could keep going (never mind the intelligence of such a decision). All I had to do was wait for the initial stabbing pain to subside so I could walk. Eventually after about five minutes, the pain was manageable, so I got up and started where I left off on the course. Fortunately, the medical dudes on the bicycles hadn't found me (I'm sure the racers who passed me told the medical dudes about some fat old lady who was sitting down a ways back), so they didn't impede my progress. At the next water stop I downed my other two Tylenol (another regular practice during a half-marathon), hoping they would kick in.

As for my ankle? Sometimes it felt normal and other times it ached a bit. But I rationalized that it would be okay, since it was secure in the ankle brace. I kept going, getting slower and slower until eventually I crossed the finish line. I eventually made it back to the room, where Molly had already finished and we got ready to leave for the airport.

Did I learn anything from today's race? Probably. I probably know more about smart things I should have done, but I prefer to ignore those things. The thing is that I kept going and finished. And while it may not have been the prudent thing to do, I did it anyway. I think this super hero race may have gone to my brain!!

Thankful today for: new RT shirt that was perfection; seeing Tammy pass me as we left Disneyland; nice racers when I took my seat; seeing Sharon after Angels stadium; finishing the race and getting the challenge medal

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