Monday, January 20, 2014

And ... I'm Home!!

This morning Molly and I woke up at 4am for hopefully the last time - at least for awhile.  Super Shuttle was scheduled to pick us up at the hotel at 5am for our trip to LAX and our Southwest ride home to Nashville.  Another mother/daughter duo also climbed in the van, and they were headed to Nashville too.  We rode to some neighborhood somewhere and picked up another passenger before we finally made our way to the airport.  There's certainly a lot of traffic in LA at that early time in the morning!!

Anyhow, after quite a few bumpity-bumps at the beginning of our flight, the atmosphere finally settled down and the rest of the ride was smooth.  A big dude sat next to me (I had the aisle seat) and he promptly went to sleep, so I spent most of the flight trying not to bother him with my left side while getting out my computer, watching TV on my computer, drinking my drink, etc.  I probably needn't have gone to the trouble, as I don't think he stirred the entire long flight home.

We arrived in Nashville in time to pick up Molly's dog Rambo at the boarders (where he has to go now that he can climb her chain-link fence and get out) and go to my house around 2pm, where Maribeth brought us some lunch.  Which I ate and then went to the grocery store to get supplies for the family dinner tonight.  Which happened around 5:30 - burgers and more stuff that went with it.  We all had a good time visiting with Lynnette's parents who were in town and with Adam whose birthday was today.

Eventually everybody went home and I attempted to unpack a few things before climbing into bed so Steve could explain the AT&T cable system that replaced Comcast while I was gone.  Which also put me to sleep for a few hours before I woke up again.  Eventually I will get my sleep pattern back on track.  Which will probably be just before I travel back South for another race.

Oh well, the dark circles under my eyes may just be my personal fashion statement ...
Today was a great day because:  safe travel back home; picking up Rambo; family dinner with Steve's burgers; Lindley and Everley time; visiting with the Ogles

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