Friday, January 10, 2014

Double The Fun

So today's fun was a 10K around Epcot and Boardwalk.  Steve was in an earlier corral, so he was long gone before we even started.  Katie and Molly started with me, but took off around 3.5 miles, and I didn't see them again (although I did see Katie's mom cheering us on at the Yacht Club).  Eventually I finished, but missed Molly and Katie waiting for me at the finish.  We did end up at the same place - the hotel - where we recovered.  And eventually did a bit of shopping and eating.  And napping.

Anyhow, today's race is for Maribeth.  A long time ago, she, my sister Marilyn, and I came down to Disney to do a now-defunct 10K race called "The Race For The Taste."  That race morning, none of us really wanted to do it, but nobody really wanted to admit it and say, "Let's not do this."  And so we all did it, admitting later that we really didn't want to.  The worst part?  THERE WAS NO MEDAL!   So this race is for her.  One day when Everley is older and Maribeth has her second degree and works normal hours, she may have time to train for this race.  The best part - THERE WILL BE A MEDAL, BY GEORGE!!
Today was a great day because:  we finished the 10K; shopping and running errands with Molly; dinner at Puck's with Steve and Molly; chatting with Katie and Nancy; picking up the "piggy packet"

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Marilyn said...

Man, we were totally gypped back then. I demand a medal :)