Sunday, January 5, 2014

First 2014 Project

Sometimes Lindley gets sad because she visits and has people visit her at her house and then when she/they leave, she misses them.  Most of the time this happens around bedtime (I am getting my information from her parents).  A few times this has happened, Sam and Lynnette got some coasters that have family pictures on them, and Lindley put them in bed with her.

So of course I came up with a brilliant idea.  That idea was to make a blanket (since I know Kat and Denise, aka quilters extraordinaire, I've had to change my vocab, since the quilts they do bear no resemblance to what I do).  The plan would be to iron onto squares of material pictures of Lindley's various family members and attach these pictures to other square-ish pieces of fabrics,  and then combine all of this via a rather cantankerous sewing machine, thus forming one cohesive piece of material, aka a blanket.  My thinking was that this would be more comfy than hard glass coasters.

Of course this brilliant idea stayed in the recesses of my brain until Friday, when Lynnette mentioned again that Lindley was very sad and could I send Lynnette some pictures so she could send them to a place and get them put on a pillow case (an idea she and Lindley had come up with).  Naturally, my LaLa gene went into overdrive and I started work on the quilt  blanket.

Eventually I finished it up around 4am this morning along with a book entitled "Lindley Love" which explains the whole purpose for the blanket - hopefully on a four-year-old's terms.  By the way, there was no quilting involved.  There was mainly uneven cutting, ironing, stitching and broken stitching and slipped stitching.  In other words, it sort of looks like a four-year-old might have done it.

Nevertheless, it is complete and wrapped for a birthday pre-celebration later today.  Hopefully it will serve the purpose for which it was created and no more sadness will be had.  At least over the missing of people. 

Update:  It was a hit!!

Update:  It was a hit!!
Today was a great day because:  breakfast at JChristopher with KB; taking Maribeth, Mathieu, and Everley to the airport; Lindley time; new season of Downton Abbey


Marilyn said...

Beautiful! Don't you want to do Michael's tshirt quilt now?

Denise in PA said...

I think it's fabulous! And, you know, I always use the Galloping Horse rule (no one will see those wonky stitches!) Does it have three layers??? Then, it's a quilt! o:)

Luanne said...

Marilyn - no thanks - that's all you!!

Denise - by your logic, then if I wear a swimsuit, I am a Sports Illustrated model? ;-)

Kat said...

Love it!!! She is guaranteed to treasure that forever :-).