Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Headed South - Or Should I Say South-er

Today we're headed South, but not to our usual place (you know, the Happiest Place On Earth).  With temps in the teens in Nashville, one really has to head way South to get a warm up.  And we certainly did.

We're headed to Miami for the Miami Half Marathon.  Steve had done it every year since its inception, so it's a race he never misses.  Sometimes I come and do either the 5K or the Half, sometimes I come and do neither,  and sometimes I don't come at all.  This year I'm coming with the intention of doing both the 5K and the Half - we'll see.  The main reason I'm doing the half is to fulfill a plan Steve and I have considered for a few years.

The race course starts off close to the ship port.  Runners begin the race by running past the line of cruise ships ready for passengers to get off and new passengers to board.  Sometimes there will even be a passenger or two awake that early in the morning to wave as we run/walk/waddle past.  A few years ago, Steve and I thought it would be such a good idea to do the race and then get on a ship for a recovery cruise.  Of course we have never done it - at least until Disney started parking their ships here!

When we looked it up, we didn't think a Disney cruise ship would be here for this weekend.  But one day we found out that indeed one would be here - and leaving on a Sunday!  So it seemed a no-brainer (not that we have any brains anyhow) that we would be on it.  And of course, that meant I would have to do a race to "qualify" for a recovery cruise!

So here we are.  We got off the plane to 80 degree weather, quite a difference in the teens weather we left.  I'm hoping that Sunday's weather won't be too warm.   After all, I have a cruise to recover on!!
Today was a great day because:  safe, smooth flight to Miami; Molly's taxi to the airport; picking a convertible rental car; lunch at The Original Pancake House with Steve; room with a view of the port; easy dinner and then walk to Publix for supplies

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