Sunday, January 19, 2014

Are We Done Yet??

Today was the race we've all been waiting for - Disneyland's Tinkerbell Half Marathon.  Once I had this one under my belt, I would be eligible for the special pink Coast to Coast Medal.  Well, as long as I complete the Princess Half Marathon in February.  So, it was up at 4am for a 5am start.

The weather was perfect, even a little chilly at the start.  Yesterday there was much wailing because apparently a large number of runners were stopped and bused to the finish because they were too slow (a huge controversy according to those who were swept). So Molly and I got in an earlier corral and soon were off to the races.  Literally.

The amazing thing about these Disneyland races for Tinkerbell (5K, 10K, and half-marathon) was that even though all three routed through The Magic Kingdom and California Adventure, each race routed you through a different way.  So even though it would seem you saw the the same thing three days in a row (if you did all three races like some dumb people), you saw those things from a different persepctive.

Anyhow, the first six miles were woven in and out of the parks and then we went out to the streets of Anaheim.  The coolest part of the whole race (well, except for receiving your finisher's medal) was running out of The Magic Kingdom and through Downtown Disney and then - a contingent of about 200 red hat ladies were positioned along the course, cheering us on, complete in their red hats and purple and red clothes.  It was super terrific!!

The last seven miles were fairly uneventful, except for the dude who decided to sprint to the finish at Mile 13, unfortunately behind me and on top of the heels of my feet - not cool.  But I managed to stay upright and finish and receive my Tinkerbell wings.  Molly (of course) had already finished and I met her at Earl's for a bite to each.  Followed by a shower and a nap.  And happiness that the past 11 days, seven races, and 71 miles are done.

And who is this race for?  It's for Lynnette.  Several years ago, the family was here and some of us were doing the Disneyland Half Marathon.  I asked Sam if Lynnette would ever do a race and he assured me that no, she never would because she didn't like to run and it bothered her knees.  Well, fast forward a few years later, and several 5Ks, 15ks, half-marathons, and a full marathon later, and Lynnette is a runner.  She even trains for them as she is now, training to do the Country Music Half Marathon to raise money for our local Gilda's Club.  So Tinkerbell may live in Neverland, but not Lynnette.  What might have been something she would never do, she does.  And in case any of you think, "Oh, I'd never do a race, even a 5K," just remember - never say never.  Just ask Lynnette.  Just don't tell her she'll never do something!
Today was a great day because:  beautiful day for a race; the red hat ladies on the course; CMs and other cheering people along the course; finishing and receiving my medal; ice cream and pretzel lunch at DD; room service dinner

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