Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why I Walk

This morning I learned of the passing of the wife of a high school friend.  I haven't seen Rich in probably 30+ years and never met Debbie, his wife.  But from their facebook pictures and posts from their friends and family, they were a very blessed and loving couple who blessed and loved all those around them.  Debbie's earthly life was taken away yesterday after two battles with breast cancer.  If there's any solace from this news, it's only that in her new Heavenly home, she will never have to experience such pain again.

While it deeply saddens me about Debbie, it also makes me so mad.  I'm mad because another husband has to live his life without his soul mate.  I'm mad because a daughter has to live her life without her mom to bounce ideas off and laugh with.  I'm mad because two sons have to live their lives without having that mom at home who loves them most of all.  And I'm mad because there's a mom who, while having been so blessed in this life, has to miss out on so much more.

That's why I continue to walk.  It's easy to walk when I know so many survivors.  It's not as easy to walk when I know those who are continuing to fight breast cancer.  But it is heartbreaking to walk for those names who are lost to this disease.  All of a sudden, breast cancer hits home and I know how much is lost.  A life is lost, and the magnitude of that loss is profound for her family and friends.

Rich and his children will find some peace in knowing that Debbie is in a better place and free from pain.  But breast cancer has robbed them of the future their whole family deserved.

So I will walk again this year.  For Debbie and all those who deserve a full lifetime. 
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