Thursday, January 9, 2014

Family Fun Run 5K

Today was my first race for 2014.  I have decided that each race I do this year, I will have an absent running partner - someone that I hope one day will run/walk/wog a race like this with me.  So who is today's running partner?  My friend Jeanne.

Today was Jeanne's race because Pluto was the character for this race, and made me think of Jeanne and Ken's doggie Bea, who is so much fun.  I could just imagine Bea running around having fun in the race (that is, if doggies were invited).  But mainly this is Jeanne's race because she is such a good friend that last year she came over to Disney World to the Princess Half Marathon (unbeknownst to me) and waited (and waited and waited and waited) for me to eventually drag myself past where she and Ken were holding a sign - just for me.  It was such a happy moment and signifies one of the best thing about races - having someone to cheer you on along the course.  So this is race is hers, to remind me of the good parts of races and of life.

And one day, maybe she will join me on a Disney 5K - and maybe Pluto will let Bea come!!
Today was a great day because:  Katie, Molly, and I did the 5K together; Steve bringing breakfast to the room; shopping a bit with Molly; afternoon napping; picking up Steve at the golf course; dinner at the Lobster with Molly and Steve


Kat said...

Love this idea!! I'm going to make you my Ragnar silent partner... in the hope that one day you will surprise me and join one! :-)

Luanne said...

Now you're talking my kind of Ragnar language!