Thursday, January 23, 2014


So apparently on Thursdays one is supposed to find old pictures and post them on whatever media you do.  Of course I have never done it, as my forte is turning on my computer and trying to glean information from it.  Since I don't tweet or hashtag or instagram, I shall do it here.  Which is convenient, since it blends in nicely with what I intended to do once I returned to the homeland.
My goal was to put pictures with the people with whom I am "doing" a race.  I would like to put the picture with the actual post about the race, but since I have lost tons of pictures to hard drive crashes, some pictures were taken before the age of computers, and whatever pictures I have on a computer are not tagged and thus not easily locatable, I've had to wait until I had some time to find the pictures.  So, here are my fellow runners - and if it is you and you don't like the picture - sorry.  You should send me new pictures more often ...
This is my friend Jeanne, who stood for days waiting for me to show up at the Princess Half Marathon.  This is the actual sign that she made and that I was so bumfuzzled when I saw her that I didn't get a picture with her and the sign.  Next time she will probably bring a sack lunch to eat while she waits.  Jeanne was my Disney World 5K invisible running buddy.
This is Maribeth and me doing a 15K.  And no, I did not do the entire race on her back.  Although by the time we do the next one together, I may have to ride the whole way on her back.  This picture had to be scanned in from my race scrappys - the sign says, "Yes, I'm tall enough to ride."  I have such stellar scrapbooks.  Don't these races look fun?  Don't you want to join me?  Maribeth was my Disney World 10K invisible running buddy.

This is Marilyn and me the morning of the Half and Full Disney Marathon (they used to do both on the same day).  We look like we are happy about what we are about to do.  We have done many races and Breast Cancer 3-Days since then.  We'll be doing the Princess Half Marathon in a few weeks - in sparkly skirts.  And we will still look like we are happy about what we are about to do.  Because it's like childbirth - once we're done with it, we forget whatever pain we might have experienced.  Marilyn was my Disney World half-marathon invisible running buddy.

This is Sam and me at the finish of my very first marathon in Ohio.  We also look very happy.  I think we were both glad it was finally over.  It was so great to have someone there at the finish for me - especially since there were very few spectators left by that time!  Sam has gone on to do his own marathons and halfs and 5ks and anything in between and has always supported me in whatever race I seem to enter.   Sam was my Disney World marathon invisible running buddy.


This is Denise.   This is the only picture I could get of her because her blog is mainly about her beautiful quilts or her delicious cooking projects or her beautifully decorated home.  She's probably the only person I know with fewer pictures on her blog of herself then I have of myself on my blog.  This was also the only picture I had when we were going to meet at Disney World last year - so when I was looking for her I looked for someone with an arm in her face.  I eventually figured it out.  Anyhow, I would like to think that she is thinking about how to train for a 5K, but she is really thinking about her next quilt and how she is going to prepare her next feast while she is decorating for the next holiday season.  Denise was my Tinker Bell 5K invisible running buddy.
So apparently Lindley and I HAVE done a race together.  So I think that next time when we really do one together, she should be pushing me.  And yes, that is Nashville snow on the grass (we probably cancelled school).  But she is nicely bundled up, which I expect she will do for me.  And provide me with appropriate toys as I did for her.  Lindley was my Tinker Bell 10K invisible running buddy.

This is Lynnette and me at the end of a Disney half marathon - my guess is in 2009.  She had already done several other races by this time.  She had also already finished this race by this point, but managed to wait around for me to finish.  Perhaps because she needed a ride back to the hotel.  Since then she's done many races from 5Ks to a marathon and many distances in between the two, along with a 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk.  So now she just has to consider which Disney race will be next ...  Lynnette was my Tinker Bell Half Marathon invisible running buddy.
So there you have it - all those for whom I have designated a race thus far.  And now I have officially thrown it back on Thursday.  I also managed to set up the Roku in my bedroom.  I is now a certified genius - well, certifiable, anyway ...
Today was a great day because:  I got a lot of paperwork cleaned up; my new washing machine was delivered; picked up Everley at school and had some Everley time; had a minute of Lindley time when I took some stuff to her house; went to Wal Mart for the usual two things and walked out with a cart full

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Denise in PA said...

Too funny! I really need to send you the other half of my face - LOLOL! Seriously, we never took a picture of us together, did we??? We will have to remedy that next time!! And, yes, I'm thinking about training for that 5K while I'm quilting - PROMISE!