Monday, January 27, 2014

Hey Monday - Whazzup?

Today I got stuff done.  Which is good, because the cold wind I discussed yesterday arrived today, which made getting out in it quite unpleasant.  It was a beautiful sunny day - but that wind pretty much would go straight through you.

I would wax poetic about how this month is flying by, but I believe if you would just look at the calendar, you could figure that out.

I would discuss how I am over certain things, like news about Biebers and Kardashians, but that would just my brain all riled up, and my brain doesn't like getting all riled up.

I would list all the stuff I need to do, but most of it's the same old stuff and apparently listing it and/or talking about it is no impetus for me to do any of it, so we can just move on.

So instead I think I'll just go turn up my mattress pad and crawl into bed and get warm.  After all, Scarlett - tomorrow is another day!!
Today was a great day because:  I got Molly's car emissions cleared; got a battery for the car fob; took the rolled change to the bank; got a flu shot; made a few Wal Mart runs; cleared off an inch on my desk

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