Thursday, January 16, 2014

What Time Is It?

So maybe going from Eastern to Central to Pacific time zones in 24 hours was not the most stellar idea, but it had to be done.  The great part was falling asleep as soon as I had checked in, had a bite to eat, and fallen into bed (and I have no idea what time it was here or what time my body thought it was).  The bad part was waking up at 3:30 this morning, which was 5:30 back home, which was not an unusual time for waking up at home.  However, it's not such a great time to wake up while on a semi-vacay.

The good news is that I had plenty of time to catch up on sleep during the day, in between getting some lunch and picking up my and Molly's race stuff.  Now I just have to stay awake until Molly shows up tonight - whatever time that may be!!
Today was a great day because:  beautiful day; getting bibs and other stuff at the race expo; tuna melt for lunch; race expo volunteers

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