Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jump Down, Turn Around, Pack Another Suitcase ...

Today I returned home.  Tomorrow I shall leave again.  Why?  I shall explain that in a minute.  First I have to unpack two suitcases (the one I packed to go on the trip and the extra one Molly brought in which to pack all the extra stuff we accumulated).  Most of the clothes are clean - I just packed too much for this trip and I have to figure out what not to pack for the next.  I also need to get some other stuff done and have some Lindley and Everley time.  There's probably other stuff that I need to do, but if I don't know what it is, then do I really need to do it?

Anyhow, tomorrow Molly and I are headed out to do some more races.  Why?  The main reason is that we be cray-cray.  The other reason is our obsession with Disney race blingity-bling.  In other words, if we do the Tinkerbell Half Marathon (this coming weekend) AND the Princess Half Marathon in February (that's right, in 36 days), then not only do we qualify for the Coast to Coast medal, but we get the PINK COAST TO COAST MEDAL!!  So we are headed out.  Far out.  To California out.

I never said I was smart ...
Today was a great day because:  safe, smooth flight home; Disney dude who checked me and my bags in at OKW for the flight home; Maribeth's airport pickup; pizza dinner with the family; getting stuff unpacked

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