Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything

Today was the day to go to the race expo to pick up race stuff.  Since everyone else is getting in late and we have a 5K in the morning, I volunteered to pick up their stuff.  Basically, that ended up being about 12 bibs, 14 shirts, and all the other stuff that one manages to acquire at an event like this (vendors everywhere selling stuff and the usual race merchandise).

Anyhow, after two hours all that was accomplished.  Just in time for lunch and to take Steve some lunch (he spent his morning by the pool, which of course had two people there and plenty of chairs and a cool breeze, unlike yesterday's pool convention).  Then it was time for Steve to clean up and go play golf, which I took him to so I could have the car and go get some groceries.

Meanwhile, the travel for some of the rest of our group started.  Marilyn was delayed out of Charlotte and her flight was full so she had to gate-check her suitcase.  She had a tight window to change planes in Baltimore, which meant her bag might not make it to Orlando with her.  Which wasn't a big deal, unless you factor in the thought that she might need her packed running shoes for the 5K in the morning ...

Meanwhile, back in Nashville, KB and Molly were at the airport waiting for their flight to leave.  They were also waiting for the thunderstorms/tornadoes/high wind/bad weather to pass through.  They got the plane loaded and then sat because of a code red which said that because of the lightening, the ground crews had to go inside and there was nobody to push the plane out.  So Molly and KB (and the rest of the passengers) were on the plane, watching the storm around them.  These were some of the text messages Molly sent:
"A child just said 'stop it God.'"
"Same child just asked his mother if we are all going to die."
"I'm pretty sure the plane is close to blowing over."
"Another 20 minutes.  Storm is directly overhead.  Then we have to get a few thousand pounds more fuel for the evasive flying we will have to do."
"Door shut!  Time to fly through the storm!"
Anyhow, meanwhile, in Orlando, Marilyn landed and started looking for her bag.  Apparently it did not make it on the plane, so hopefully it would arrive on the next flight, in which case somebody would bring it to the hotel.  Meanwhile, Steve went out shopping and was considering buying her some shoes for in the morning.  He then headed for the airport to wait for KB and Molly, who had gotten past the storm line and were headed for Orlando. 

And the rest of the story:  Marilyn's bag did not arrive - Rosie the bag lady said that when it arrived, they would bring it to the resort.  When Marilyn arrived at the resort, she talked to bell services who said that when it arrived at the resort, someone would bring it to the room - and if it was in the middle of the night (it was already after midnight), they had a key and would just slip it inside the front door.  That's reassuring ...

Meanwhile, after a bumpy flight (according to KB but not according to Molly who slept for the first 30 minutes of the flight), KB and Molly arrived and were picked up by Steve and brought to our place.  We all greeted and chatted and finally got to be around 1am - just in time to get a few winks before our 5K in the morning (or should I say later in the morning)!
Today was a great day because:  nice people at expo and finding some good stuff; nice clerk and manager at Winn-Dixie; quick dinner with Steve; Marilyn's safe adventure to Orlando; KB and Molly's safe adventure to Orlando

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