Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And Here I Am

So after a few hours sleep, I got up and got myself together and Steve took me to the airport.  We left the house at 5 for my 6:30 flight (Davidsons get to the airport early).  The flight was only half-full, so I had an entire row to myself.  The flight was fairly smooth and we landed safely, so that was another plus.  The weather was warm and sunny - a perfect start to the trip and the day.

I was riding the Magical Express to the resort, so I headed that direction.  I walked right onto the bus, and didn't have to wait too long before off we went.  My resort was the first stop - another plus!!  I got off and headed to the front desk.  All of a sudden I heard someone calling my name - it was a cast member with an ipad, calling my name.  Apparently her job is to greet guests as they get off the bus.  Since her records indicated that I would be arriving with five other people, she was confused, but then got it all together and started chasing after me.  Anyhow, we met, we chatted, and she directed me to the check in lady.

Of course, our room isn't ready.  So I devise ways to pass the time before it gets ready (hopefully in five minutes).  I shopped in the little gift shop.  I decided to ride the resort bus to our building, so when the room is ready (hopefully in 5 minutes), I will be right there (you get your room key, but they don't tell you your room number - just the building it's in - they will text you your room number when its ready - hopefully in five minutes).

Once I got to the building, I decided to go sit by the pool (my suitcase was being picked up by the Magical Express people - all I had was my carry-on satchel with a 908 pound laptop in it).  But all the chairs were taken and/or in the direct sun (I don't do direct sun).  So I went back to the building and found a bench.  And played computer games/read magazines/checked email/read face book.  For the next two hours.  At some point I went back to the main building and ate lunch, then returned to our building.  After more piddling around on the bench including a nap and another visit to the pool (no improvement on the chairs), I eventually got the message that the room was ready.  I finally had a place to dump my satchel and take a break.

Now to wait for Steve to show up.  Hopefully in 5 minutes ...
Today was a great day because:  safe, smooth, uncrowded flight; great room that was eventually ready; Steve's safe travel to WDW

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