Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Stayed on the boat.  The Caribbean ports do not entice me to get out and experience.  Maybe because it's too hot.  Maybe because I just want to veg out this cruise.  Maybe because I just want to enjoy quiet on this cruise.  Maybe because I have no desire for Tanzanite or Del Sol.  But for whatever reason, I stayed on the boat today.  I did go to the jogging deck - not to jog but to sit on the comfy lounges that are on that deck.  I did watch a lady jog around - she did not entice me to join her.

Steve did his usual sit by the pool.  He later did venture out into Cozumel and bought coffee.  Which he just found out is decaffeinated.  Oh well ...

I forgot to tell this story from Sunday night:  The boat had left Miami and we had texted with Molly for a bit until we lost cell service (she is on the Disney Dream ship).  After a while, Steve said, "We have cell service."  He looked out the veranda and said, "And there's Miami!"  Sure enough, it appeared that we were headed back to Miami.  As in we could see the lights very clearly and closely.  Steve then turned to his favorite cruise TV channel - the one that shows the front of the ship and the route and where the ship is on the route.  Sure enough we had made a big circle and were just about to Miami.  We kept watching as the Captain turned some more and soon we were headed back out.  Sure enough, the TV showed that we were back on course and picking up speed.  We later found out that there had been a medical emergency and we had to return so that a boat could come and pick up the sick person.  It didn't make us late to Cozumel - yippee.

Today we watched "Saving Mr. Banks" at the movies.  Again, our tablemates were at the movies.  And again, we didn't sit with them.  Because we are like that.  Tonight is Pirate Night with fireworks.  All of our tablemates have never cruised Disney before, so tonight should be especially fun for them. 

Tomorrow is another sea day, which means lounging around for me and pool time for Steve.  We have such complicated vacation plans!!
Today was a great day because:  beautiful day outside; got some reading and writing done; watching "Saving Mr. Banks"


Denise in PA said...

Did you loving Savings Mr. Banks? We sure did! Tablemates - always a dicey proposition - LOL!

Marilyn said...

agree with Denise- Loved Saving Mr. Banks (what's not to love, Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson, Disney!!) and table mates, hmmm, we do have a few stories :) Have Fun!

Marilyn said...

Oh, and thanks for posting, even on your vacay. I miss it when you don't have a post :)

Denise in PA said...

Marilyn - I think I said that exact same thing about Saving Mr. Banks !! I, too, miss it when you don't post, Luann. How am I to know what you have been doing with your day - and that sounds creepy and stalkerish, but, oh, you know what I mean! LOLOL o:)