Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back To Reality - Or At Least Some Version Of It ...

Our girl cruise being over, we all had to leave the ship today.  Molly left first since she had an early flight out.  Lynnette, Lindley, and I hopped a bus for Bay Lake Towers at Disney World, since we decided they might as well spend the weekend there since Sam is out of town (we can just about justify any Disney vacation of any sort).  Maribeth, Everley, and Anne hopped a bus for the airport, but had a much later flight.  So long, Disney Dream - until next time!!

The Ls arrived at the resort and checked in - but our room wasn't ready.  No problem this time, since we were within walking distance to the MK.  We managed to store our bags with bell services (after a bit of natural confusion - after all, it's a Davidson trip).  We went to the MK, had some lunch, looked around a bit, and headed back to the hotel.  Since our room wasn't ready, we spent some time in the Community Hall room, coloring pictures and magnets and making a stencil t-shirt.  Finally we got the call and headed up to our room - to take a nap (after all, it's a Davidson trip).  And since the temperature was about 40 degrees cooler than yesterday, it was a great way to warm back up!!

Later we headed back to the Magic Kingdom for a bit of dinner and to watch the Electrical Parade and the fireworks (Lindley's first time for both).  Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to go to bed - well, at least until Steve arrived around 11:30pm. 

Tomorrow - more Disney!!
Today was a great day because:  All the girls got safely to their destinations; lunch and dinner at the Magic Kingdom with Lindley and Lynnette; Electrical parade and Wishes watching; Steve's safe arrival at the hotel

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