Friday, February 21, 2014

Cinderella Royal Family 5K

Today's race was at 6:30am, so we all planned to meet in the kitchen (we have a 3-bedroom place) at 5:15 to get our act together and get out the door.  Marilyn's bag had not arrived (nor had someone snuck it in in the middle of the night) so she called bell services who said that it had just arrived 30 minutes ago and they were bringing it down, so Marilyn had her race stuff.  Everyone managed to get up after only a few hours sleep, and we were pinning our bibs on, having a bit of breakfast, and chatting.  Then KB's phone rang, which at 4:15 Nashville time, is not a good sign.

KB's mom is in a retirement home, and as it turned out, her mom had fallen while going to the bathroom.  She was disoriented and having trouble catching her breath.  In other words, KB was going home.  While she was talking with the lady at the home, Molly and Steve were making her a flight reservation for Nashville, which thankfully was at 7:20am and would get her home around 8:20 Nashville time.  So she grabbed her purse and we all headed out the door - Steve dropped us off at the 5K and headed to the airport with KB.  As of this press time, her mom had been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia - KB said she would send more information later.  Certainly our thoughts and prayers are with KB and Ruth and pray for healing, health, and comfort.

Meanwhile, back at the 5K, we and 10,000 others waited for the start.  There were five corrals and we were in the fourth.  This meant that by the time our corral was released to start, the winners were finishing. We cheered them on since we could see them finish - the finish line was right by the start.  Anyhow, since everyone else in our corral seemed to be walking, and with the morning's events on our minds, we decided to do the same.  We took a leisurely stroll around Epcot and finished in time to get on the bus back to Old Key West and breakfast with Steve, Katie, and Nancy.

This 5K is for my former student/now adult friend Camille.  She is now an elementary school teacher and food blogger (go here) and I don't know how she grew up while I stayed the same age as when she was in my class.  Anyhow, this race is for her because I have bugged her consistently about coming to Disney for a 5K (she is also a Disney fan).  One day she (and maybe even with mom and friends) is going to come down for this race - and hopefully will wave to me as she speeds past!!

Today was a great day because:  success in getting quick flight for KB;  5K-ing with Molly and Marilyn; breakfast with 5K-ers and Steve, Katie, and Nancy; Downtown Disney with Marilyn; catching up on sleep

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