Monday, February 10, 2014

Just Another Monday

As usual, there's a whole lot of stuff to get done.  KB and I were going to wog this morning, but as we got out of the car and headed out, we discussed the temperature and decided that a better course of action would be to go eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  I invited Steve, who immediately accepted.  Upon leaving, as the cold wind blew right through our well-fed bodies, KB and I decided we had made the correct decision.

Meanwhile, my suitcase is still open on the floor, waiting to be unpacked so that it can be repacked in another week for Princess Weekend.  But more about that next week. Before that can happen, bills must be paid, mail must be sorted, and bread and milk must be purchased.

As I said, it's just another Monday in the Davidson household ...
Today was a great day because:  breakfast with KB and Steve and the Barrel; Everley time; airport run for Steve; car place run for MB; furniture haul to Molly's office

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