Monday, February 17, 2014

The Hurrier I Go ...

Wait - haven't I already used that title?  Oh well - it may end up being my mantra for life!  But I digress ...  Let's chat about today, which for all you know is Monday. 

Today's agenda was to clean the house.  I might have done some of that - but clearly not enough.  The countdown is T-2 days until I leave town for Princess Weekend.  Speaking of which, here is the schedule for the comings and goings:

I leave in the am for Disney World
Sam takes Steve to the airport in the pm for Steve's flight to DW

Marilyn (my sister) leaves Charlotte in the pm to fly to Orlando (with a stop in Baltimore)
Sam takes KB and Molly to the airport in the pm for their flight to Orlando                 
These three get to the resort via Magical Express

Friday morning
Marilyn, KB, Molly, and I participate in the Cinderella 5K
Who knows what will go on the rest of the day ...

Saturday morning
KB, Molly, and I participate in the Enchanted 10K
Pretty much the rest of the day will go as well as Friday's

Saturday afternoon
Mathieu (Maribeth's husband) will take Lynnette and Lindley to the airport for their flight to Orlando.  They will spend the night at the airport hotel.  Don't get all discombobulated because Lindley is not coming to the World - she'll do that next weekend.

Saturday evening
Anne will catch a flight from Jackson, MS, to Orlando where she will Magical Express it to the resort

Sunday morning
Maribeth and Everley will take Steve's car to the airport for their early morning flight to Orlando, where they will meet up with Lynnette and Lindley at the airport and locate the bus that will take them to the port
Meanwhile, Marilyn, KB, Molly, and I will be participating in the Princess Half Marathon, after which we will load ourselves and our stuff in the giant rental car that Steve rented, pick up Katie, Nancy and Anne, and head to the port - well, except for Marilyn, who will sit by the pool until her flight home - she has a work conference to attend.

Steve will play a round of golf until he has to go to the airport to board his plane home, where he will pick up the car that Maribeth left earlier this morning
Hopefully all the happy Princess Disney Dream cruisers will meet up and spend the next four days aboard the Disney Dream having a blissful cruise until Thursday, when ...

Thursday morning
KB and Molly will skeedaddle it off the ship ASAP to catch their early flight back home where somebody will pick them up.

Meanwhile, Sam will have boarded a plane in Nashville to head to California, but first leaving his car at the airport so that

When Maribeth, Everley, and Anne fly home from Orlando later that day, they can pick up Sam's car.

And then Steve will take his car to the airport to fly back to Orlando where he will rent a car and drive the the resort to meet Lynnette, Lindley, and me, where we are because we took a bus from the port to the resort.

And everything is good until Saturday night, when

Saturday evening
Lynnette, Lindley, and I board a plane to fly back to Nashville, where we will pick up Steve's car and head to our respective homes.  At least until later that night when I pick up Sam and take him home.

And everyone is settled at home, except for Steve, who is still in Orlando for a work conference thing.  Sure hope somebody knows when to pick him up the following week!!

Today is a great day because:  got some stuff done that needed to get done; Lindley time

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