Saturday, February 22, 2014

Enchanted 10K

Today’s race started an hour earlier than yesterday – that would be 5:30am, for those of you so mathematically inclined. That meant that we needed to be out the door at 4:30, in order for Steve to drop us off in time for our record-breaking 10K (I’m not sure which records we would be breaking, but I’m sure there are some somewhere).

Anyhow, we managed to rouse ourselves, finish dressing ourselves (some of us prefer to sleep in most of our racing togs, as that saves valuable sleeping minutes on race day), and feed ourselves before getting in the car. Katie (who is residing in a room down the way with her mom Nancy), Molly, Marilyn (who is running for KB), and I loaded up, Steve took us to the drop-off place, we disembarked, and headed to the start. Where we waited for 45 minutes to actually cross the start line (10,000 divided into five corrals with an interval start between each one – well, that’s probably advanced calculus by now to figure out when exactly it was our turn to start). And once again, we got to see the winner finish before we even started.

Eventually we all did finally start and finish, in varying order (I won’t bother telling you what the finishing order was – I’ll just let you imagine who finished when). Because we are such sweet people, we did wait for each other after getting our medals, wristbands (because we are doing the Glass Slipper Challenge – a 10K today and a half-marathon tomorrow), and snack boxes. We boarded our stinky bus for the hotel and rode helplessly as the driver (NOT a Disney driver or bus, but some contracted goofball) who went the wrong way to the hotel and then ended up doing a u-turn in the middle of a busy Disney street, narrowly missing a car who was passing behind him - I think he only missed him because of the yells of the passengers/runners on the bus). As one fellow bus rider commented, “I think we’re on the Tower of Terror.”

We did make it to the hotel, had some Chick Fil A furnished by Steve (complete with chicken this time), and planned out the rest of our day – which involved the taking of naps, shopping a bit, watching a Redbox, and napping some more. On to tomorrow!!

And whose race is today? Today’s race is for my brother John, who’s done a 5K or two. But he’s never done a Disney race, and this one would double up his previous record. And wouldn’t it be fun if the three Lewis siblings did a race together! On our very first trip to Disney World back in 1974, our father made us leave before we got to see the fireworks. A Disney race would be the perfect circle for rectifying that – because the fireworks are at the beginning of the race! So lace up your tennies little bro – Sistas 1 and 2 are waiting at the start line for you!!
Today was a great day because: Enchanted 10K with Molly, Marilyn, and Katie; KB’s mom’s improvement; watching “The Heat” with Marilyn and Molly; Anne’s safe travel to Orlando and eventually getting her bag; Chick Fil A with the gang and chatting with KB on the phone

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Marilyn said...

I really like the idea of a sibling Disney race. Does John ever read this? If so, I DOUBLE DARE you John to join us. Reed Road Runners Rule!