Thursday, February 6, 2014

Castaway Cay 5K

By the way - everyone was a "winner"
Today we docked at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.  It was a beautiful day - and warm (78 degrees when we got off the ship).  Anyhow, DCL has this activity on the island - a 5K - so of course I had to do it (I've done it before, but since Molly did it this week on her cruise, I had to do it on mine!)  The deal is that everyone who is crazy enough wants to do this gathers in the sports bar, signs up, gets a bib, and heads off the ship together.  We all walk down the dock about half a mile, and we're at the start.  The 5K is not timed, but the cast member in charge says he will be there for only so long handing out medals at the finish - after that you have to go to the Fish and Fins place to retrieve your medal.  With a few more instructions, we are sent on our way.  Basically the course is run a loop around then turn around and head back.  Some of the course is in shade, but there a long stretch that is in the direct son.  Which isn't too bad unless one forgot her sunscreen (no names mentioned here, but if you see me, I'm not embarrassed - just sunburned).  Anyhow, eventually I made my way to the finish where Medal Dude was still waiting (and he was going to have to wait a little longer for the even-slower-ones-than-me).  I then walked over to Serenity Bay (for adults only) where Steve had gone to nab a good chair and umbrella.  I went for the water and it was lovely - brought my body temperature down at least 269 degrees!!

Speaking of Steve, this 5K is for him.  Not that he would do this one again (he did it once).  It's because he's my principal backer for all things Disney and cruising racing and especially those times that all three come together at once.  Also, it's on Castaway Cay which is his happy place - at least for today.  He says he's given up doing half marathons and will do only 5Ks from here on out - we'll see how that works out.  Even so, I'm not sure if he'll ever do this one again - too much beach time migh be missed!!
Today was a great day because:  beautiful day; finishing the CC5K; sitting on the beach under an umbrella; cookout on the island; watching "Gravity" and "Captain Phillips" on the boat; last dinner with our cruise family


Denise in PA said...

Here's to Steve! Aaaah, 78 degrees - one can dream (did you see my Ice Day post yet????) Sounds like you had a great movie selection on the ship!

Luanne said...

Denise - hope you are thawing out!! I read another blog from a Philly resident, and she said people are still out of power!! But if you were out of power, I'm sure you'd quilt by hand. And by candlelight!!! ;-)