Monday, February 3, 2014

Sea Day

Which means sleep and do nothing day.  Steve spent his time at the pool and I spent mine lounging around anywhere that provided lounging space.  We also saw "Frozen" so now we know who Elsa and Anna are.  One set of our "couples" tablemates were also at the movie, but we didn't sit together.  Basically, we are at a table with four couples - three married couples and one set of women who speak mainly Spanish.  The couple from San Francisco were at the movies.

We also had brunch at Palo, so that helped with the nappage-ing. 

So that's about it for today.  I have had a busy couple of weeks, so I'm using this time to wind down, assess what I've been doing, and think about what's ahead.  In other words, taking naps.  Tomorrow is Cozumel, which means just more of doing nothing.  Gotta love cruising!!
Today was a great day because: beautiful weather; smooth sailing; seeing "Frozen", taking it easy; server at Palo

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