Saturday, February 1, 2014

Miami Tropical 5K

Today was the Tropical 5K.  Since I've done nothing since Disneyland except two measly slow miles, my legs were not too thrilled about getting out on the road.  But after a mile or so, they sort of woke up and carried me the rest of the 2 miles.

It was a good race.  We wogged along the cruise ships (and it was cool to see the flash from a camera or two on deck) and then headed to the beach.  Steve (who didn't do the race) was at Mile 3 to cheer me on and tell me where the car was.  Then it was off to Jerry's for some brunch before heading to the beach.

The view from my umbrella.
The beach was perfect (which happens when you get there early in the morning).  We got two of the "good chairs with thick cushions" and an umbrella (so I don't have to sit in the sun which Steve loves).  The waves were very busy and the sun wasn't too intense and there was a nice breeze - my perfect kind of a beach day.  Well, maybe except for the three ladies who were enjoying the sun on their nekkid boobs.  Some things this old lady just isn't ready for - maybe I'm just jellus because I don't have tan boobs?

Loren and me - 2012
Anyhow, who is today's race for?  It's for a lady that I've only met once - Loren.  Several years ago I was trying to decide if I wanted to try "The Galloway Method" of running/walking.  I noticed this lady doing the method and joined her and ending up chatting most of the way.   This race is for her and all my peeps that are in the back of the pack.  All we care about is finishing, hopefully ahead of the sweepers.  We encourage each other and help each other along.  Today's race I wogged with a lady the last mile and learned that she hopes to do the half-marathon here next year.  We chatted and ran it out to the finish.  In nearly every race I do, there's always somebody or somebodies who are encouraging and wogging the same race I am.  So today's race is for Loren and my peeps who keep me going.  And if you ever decide to take the challenge and do a race, keep on the lookout - I may end up right beside you!!
Today was a great day because:  Finishing the 5K with a new buddy; brunch at Jerry's; beautiful day at the beach; lunch at Pollo

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Denise in PA said...

That view is fabulous! It was like that here yesterday - like 49 degrees I think (LOLOL - I crack myself up)

I, too, would go for the umbrella. We are the same person. Well, except maybe for the running vs quilting thing. Ha ha !