Friday, January 9, 2015

And Now It's Friday!!

Today's race? The 10K, of course! Our race friend Katie and her mom got into town yesterday, so Katie joined us for this race. Nancy (Katie's mom) will hopefully be in her cheering position on the Boardwalk (she was).

While today wasn't as chilly and windy as yesterday, it was still pretty cold. We huddled together waiting for the start (since Steve needed the car for work this morning, we had to bus it with the rest of the crowd). It was amazing to see runners (and I mean real runners) in their shorts and singlets. And goose bumps and shivers. Nevertheless, eventually our corral was called and off we went.

And of course, Katie and Molly took off and I didn't see sight of them after Mile 1. Eventually I rounded Epcot and through the Boardwalk, and saw Nancy, who told me that Katie and Molly weren't "that much" ahead of me. Wasn't she sweet to say that? No matter, eventually I ended up at the finish, and guess who was giving out medals - Aisling, of course!! It's always so fun to see her, although I'm not sure if she was trying to strangle me or eat my medal .. Molly and Katie waited for me at the finish line, so we all got on the bus together and headed back to our hotels.

Molly and I showered and changed clothes and met Lindley and Lynnette for a ride to the MK to get to the Grand Floridian. They had a date there to go the the Princess Tea Party. Molly and I were going to spy on them until they actually got into the tea party, which we did. Of course Lindley was adorable in her Merida outfit, and it looks like the tea party was a success. Once Lindley and Lynnette left us, Molly and I headed for the Magic Kingdom to join Nancy and Katie for some roast beef mac and cheese (and yes, it's just as tasty as it sounds). I'm sure it's not as fancy as tea and crumpets with Sleeping Beauty, but we forgot our ball gowns anyway.

Once we were done with the MK, we headed back to our hotel. Tonight Maribeth and Everley arrive. And some of us have a half-marathon tomorrow. That begins at 5:30am. Oh well, at least I carbo-loaded with mac and cheese!
Today was a gift because: 10K with Katie and Molly (sort of) and seeing Nancy on the course; watching Lindley and the other princesses at the tea; Maribeth and Everley's arrival

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