Tuesday, January 13, 2015

And Then I Became A LaLa

Well, five years ago, anyway. On that day I was in boot camp (oh, the good old days) and didn't get the call until I was back in my car. Nobody else in the family answered their phones that early in the morning, either. You would think that we weren't expecting the first grandchild in the family, particularly on this day, the day she was due. She was born, and everyone finally answered their phones, and life has never been the same.

Today we celebrated Lindley's birthday, since this is her birthday cruise. We were docked in Nassau but only Adam got off the boat. We celebrated at lunch with gifts and then at dinner with the wait staff singing happy birthday. All in all, it was a good day, as has been every day since January 13, 2010. Happy Birthday Lindley!!

Because when you're five, you can drink two at once!!

Happy Birthday To You!!
Today is a gift because: Lindley's birthday celebrations on the boat; beautiful day in Nassau; Adam's scooter stories

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