Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Castaway Cay!

Today we docked in Castaway Cay to a beautiful sunrise. Yes, for those of you who have been on a cruise to Castaway Cay, today we docked in the dark. Why? Because the Castaway Cay Challenge 5K was going to start at 7am, that's why!

There is always a 5K on the island. However, this one was different. If you had completed any of the races during the past Marathon Weekend at Disney World, then you could register for this special 5K (the regular Castaway Cay would be held at the traditional time of 9am, and yes, there were goofballs people who did both). Anyhow, Steve, Lynnette, Molly, and I got up in time to meet with the other participants in the theatre at 5:45am, walk off the boat, and do the 5K. Steve, of course, jogged ahead and finished well ahead of the three of us. We decided to just walk it. And so we did, earning our fancy schmancy Challenge medal, as well as the usual Castaway Cay medal (a definite upgrade from the old generic DCL "winner" medal).

What? There's nobody behind us? Well, that's odd ... Well, maybe not ...
Anyhow, once we were done, and got our medals, and got our snack box, and sat on the ground to eat our snack box, and some people went back for another snack box, we headed to the tram stop. See, the deal was that if you finished before 8:30am, you were to return to the boat and wait for everyone else to be allowed off the boat. We did not wish to make that trek, and instead planned to waste time until we could occupy our cabana.

Molly decided to take a ride on the tram while Lynnette and I decided to see if anyone was at the cabana desk. There was, and she checked us in, and we were off to our cabana!! Sure, we should could have waited for Molly, but we didn't. Instead, we found the hammock. And eventually Molly showed up, as did the rest of the family. And it would seem that everyone enjoyed the day!!

Today is a gift because: Castaway Cay 5K Challenge and medals; cabana ready; fun in the water 

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