Friday, January 16, 2015

And Then We Had To Leave

Because Steve and Molly had an early flight to LAX (to do the Star Wars half marathon at Disneyland) and the rest of us had a flight not too long after, we decided to all leave the ship at the same time. That time would be as soon as they let the passengers off, around 7:30am. We all got off with our luggage, through customs, and out onto the sidewalk to await our shuttle to the airport. Of course the weather was much colder than it had been for the past several days, and of course it was spitting a little rain, and of course the shuttle was late (even after two calls to the company). However, eventually the driver and his bus showed up, we boarded, and headed to the airport.

On the ride to the airport - I think this sums up our feelings at this point ...
We arrived at the airport and Steve/Molly went to the American concourse while the rest of us headed to Southwest. Steve/Molly's flight went off as scheduled while we waited for ours. And then we were told to go to another gate. And then we were told that our flight would be delayed for several hours. Which it was. With no real explanation. Until Adam went and asked about it, and found out that our plane had indeed come in on time, but because a flight to Chicago had mechanical problems, they took our plane and we had to wait for a substitute.

So we waited and snacked and took naps and waited some more. Eventually our plane came in and we boarded and soon we were back home. It was a great trip, from races to cruise, but I'm glad to be home!
Today is a gift because: great van ride to the airport; new plane for our ride home; Adam finding out our flight's delay story; Steve and Molly's safe flight to LAX; safe, smooth flight home

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